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Safeguarding academic freedom in Europe, a pressing concern for democracy

Presidents' joint statement

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    The CIVICA Ambassadors

    Meet the CIVICA Ambassadors

    The CIVICA Ambassadors promote interaction and exchange within the alliance's communities and act as first points of contact to CIVICA for their peers. 


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    Recent news

    Andrew Butler
    Hertie School

    An expanded role for higher ed in European integration?

    In his 2020 MPP thesis, Hertie School alum Andy Butler researched the European Universities initiative.


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    Lens looking at society, credit: Arthimedes, Shutterstock

    Research in the service of European societies

    The European University Institute supports the dissemination of social science research on COVID-19 through a Knowledge Hub, innovative research projects, and a new data portal.


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    Stefan Pfalzer, photo by Victoria Lin
    Sciences Po

    Student mobility, or acquiring cultural fluency

    Stefan Pfalzer, CIVICA Ambassador and master’s student in the dual degree programme between Sciences Po and LSE, shares his experience of studying at two different institutions and explains what mobility means to him.


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    Diana Iancu, SNSPA

    SNSPA, internationalisation and CIVICA

    Diana Iancu, Dean of the Faculty of Public Administration, SNSPA, and member of CIVICA's Management Team, talks about the significance and challenges of internationalisation for CIVICA.


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    Fiona Gogescu, CIVICA Ambassador (LSE)

    ‘We can do better research by learning from each other’

    LSE PhD student and CIVICA Ambassador Fiona Gogescu tells us about her research project, shares her top tips for managing stress and explains what her role as an ambassador entails and what she hopes to achieve.


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    László Pintér, photo by CEU - Peter Lorenz

    Spotlight on CIVICA’s focus area "Societies in Transition and Crises of Earth"

    Theme Leader Professor László Pintér from Central European University unpacks CIVICA’s focus area dedicated to sustainable development, environmental assessment, urban transformation, and COVID consequences and recovery measures.


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